Arasweet (Sucralosa) 300 microcomprimidos

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Arasweet Microtablets ….  C.N.168646.6
Arasweet Drops …. C.N.168647.3

Arasweet is a sucralose-based non-caloric sweetener. Sucralose is the only sweetener made from sugar, so it tastes the same as sugar without leaving a bitter or metallic taste like other sweeteners can. Unlike sugar, sucralose does NOT ADD CALORIES and is 600 times sweeter, so it is ideal for those who want to reduce sugar consumption or calories.

The whole family can consume Arasweet: it is suitable for children, adults, diabetics, pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with phenylketonuria (because it contains no phenylalanine). It is always advisable to consult your doctor about the special nutritional needs for each case.

The body does not metabolise sucralose to obtain energy, so it has no short- or long-term effects on blood glucose levels because the body does not recognise it as a sugar or carbohydrate; it also does not cause tooth decay.

Arasweet can be used in hot and cold drinks, and even for cooking all kinds of food because it resists both high oven and microwave temperatures as well as low freezer temperatures; it is ideal for pastry, flavourings and ice cream.

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