Our company


Arafarma Group is a Spanish company founded in 2004, specialized in health sciences and dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and marketing of medicines, food supplements and health products. We cover a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas, among which the pain area, the osteoarticular branch and the uro-gynecological branch stand out.

Our goal is the research, development and innovation of products to improve the quality of life.




Improve people’s health through INNOVATION and high QUALITY of the medicines, health products and food supplements that we produce to solve real problems.


To be a center of knowledge of life sciences, both nationally and internationally and socially committed, being open to strategic alliances with the aim of carrying out therapeutic projects that represent an advance for society, in addition to favoring professional and human development of its collaborators.


The main value of the company is the human team that comprises it and the characteristics that define it. Enthusiasm, creativity, ethics, effort, professionalism, trust and teamwork are some of the values that we seek in our team and that we consider fundamental both in times of success and difficulties.



Arafarma Group is committed to the environment through an environmental policy that is put into practice by:

  • Recycling of materials
  • Minimization of emissions
  • Energy saving

Clients who already bet on Imagina Energía: Arafarma

Arafarma, a pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in medicines and food supplements, is one of the companies that already trusts "Imagina Energía" to lead its commitment to solar energy.
Along with Imagina Energía, Arafarma reinforces its green awareness and commitment to the energy transition with a solar self-consumption project at its Guadalajara plant, which will guarantee a power of 446kW