Mission, vision and values

  • Mission:

Commitment to the quality of life of human beings, respect for nature and the environment, improvement of the health of people and other living things, by way of innovation and excellence in the quality of medicines, medical devices, dietary products, food supplements and cosmetic products, all with a high value aimed at solving real problems with its maxim of Quality and Innovation.

  • Vision:

To be a centre of knowledge of life sciences, both nationally and internationally, and to be socially engaged and open to strategic alliances in order to implement therapeutic projects that imply an advance for society and would enhance the professional and human development of its partners.

  • Values:

Ever since it was started, Arafarma Group has held the firm belief that its main value is the personnel working for it and its defining characteristics are: foresight, enthusiasm, creativity, challenge, motivation to work, ethics, teamwork, optimism, professionalism, simplicity, adaptation, and a vocation of service and reliability among other values.

The influence of all these values in how the project is carried out day-by-day is the key to its success, both in times of difficulties as well as in moments of success.