Business development

Business development:

Arafarma Group has developed a sales network of offices in Spain who are responsible for presenting the laboratory’s products and innovations to the leading specialists in each therapeutic area. They also participate in various conferences and pharmaceutical exhibitions held throughout the country to reach every professional in the sector and to publicise the different launches carried out.

Moreover, international development represents one of the means of expansion chosen by Arafarma Group for growth and consolidation, in addition to trying to universalise the benefits of the products they develop.

Marketing is carried out through strategic alliances with local licensees and distributors.

The commercial areas are the following:


Our goal is to create added value by way of partnership agreements. We believe in Out-Licensing as the basis for our growth and development via internationalisation and think of In-Licensing as a possibility to complement our product range in strategic, pharmacological and trade areas and maximise our experience in different therapeutic fields.