Peroxacné 50 mg/g 100 mg/g GEL


PEROXACNÉ 100 mg/g GEL, 30 g tube…. C.N.905976.7

PEROXACNÉ 50 mg/g GEL, 30 g tube…. C.N.905968.2

Indicated in the local and symptomatic treatment of moderate vulgar acne in adults and teenagers from 12 years old.

Topical use

Strictly follow your doctor’s instructions with regard to the use of Peroxacné.

After cleansing your skin with water and soap, apply a small quantity of Peroxacné on the affected area with your fingers once or twice per day, depending on the intensity of the process and the skin tolerance.

It is advisable to start the treatment with Peroxacné 50 mg/g and then change to Peroxacné 100 mg/g after three or four weeks of treatment or before if Peroxacné 50 mg/g is well tolerated.

If you have any doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist.


  • Benzoyl peroxide


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